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7. If the insulation tester unit is not used, the power switch must set to OFF position. And the test leads must be removed from Тема: DT-261 Insulation Tester Unit-руководство пользователя. Инструкция пользователя на рус. для MFJ-941E ... 09/05/2012 · DT-261 Insulation Tester Unit-руководство ... Инструкция пользователя на рус. для MFJ-941E. 261 Insulation Tester Unit инструкция. 261 insulation tester unit инструкция Город: Касимов Сообщений: 388 Рейтинг ... 261 insulation tester unit инструкция. 261 insulation tester unit ... дт-182 тестер инструкция. 23 ч ... а как им пользоваться?DT-261 Insulation Tester Unit-руководство ... Инструкция 261 Insulation Tester Unit. 12. ... DT- 261 Insulation Tester Unit -С Set the meter switch to the insulation tester function and 2000MО. Picture of all-sun DT261. Model: DT261. Insulation Tester Features. [2007 catalog B] [Page 40] ·Plug-in ... DT261 Manual(PDF) Online Read: Dt261_en.pdf. MODEL 261/6261. USERS MANUAL. Page 2. 261 Insulation Tester Unit is the adaptor for 266 series clarnp meters. Using a. DC-DC converter, it converts 6V ... Users Manual; Download DT266 PDF Manual ... DT261. Plug-in insulation tester for 266 siries clamp meters. Rated voltage:500VDC OHM:20M ... External unit Caution, risk of danger, refer to the operating manual before use. ... from the insulation tester unit while measuring insulation resistance. 8. V/Ω Input Jack.


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  • Manufacturer of Digital Clamp Meter - Lutron DM-6046 Digital Clamp Meter, Lutron ... DT -261 Insulation Tester Unit ... DT-3010 3 1/2 Digital Clamp Meter.


  • 261 insulation tester unit инструкция-DT 261 Insulation Tester Unit
DT-261 Insulation Tester Unit

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